What’s So Amazing About Grace?

This is the second time I’ve read this book. The first time was in the summer before my senior year of college when I was taking a summer school class about the New Testament. This book was on my required reading list, but my library didn’t have it, and I didn’t feel like buying it on Amazon. So … Read More

The Hardest Part of Leaving

For months, I dreamed about leaving. I sat in coffee shops talking with friends about how we were going to live more exciting lives some day, I recorded every episode of House Hunters International, and I spent a lot of time taking virtual vacations on Google Street View. For years before that, … Read More

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Sacred Places

Sometimes, I imagine people praying with their hands.  Building expectations and wishes and questions into brick and mortar and stone. There’s something about great loss that makes us want to build something—we build war memorials and monuments and churches that symbolize what we’ve lost.  Maybe … Read More

Suddenly, Everything Changed

“Enjoy it while you can, honey, because once you’re married you’ll just wish you could be single again.” I’ve heard this one a few times, along with various other pieces of jaded advice from unhappily married women or well-intentioned friends who are trying to make me feel better. I’m sure most … Read More

The Story of Hope and Heartbreak

I want to believe in miracles.  I want to believe that crazy, unexplainable things are possible.  I want to believe that sometimes, life is so good that you want to laugh and cry and scream and sing all at once.  I want to believe that everything can change in a single moment and one day you will … Read More