like pouring an ocean into a thimble

I wish I had an easy, pre-packaged inspirational thought to share with you today, but instead I have a poem.  I don't think I've written a poem since 10th Grade English, but this week's Story 101 Assignment inspired me to try again for the first time in ten years.  So my thought for this week is … Read More

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Sometimes, Guatemala feels like discovering some great secret to living that few people know about.  I used to read books about traveling.  I used to look at pictures of mountains.  I used to think about leaving. But then one day, I made a choice.   I watched a fantastic TED talk about hard … Read More

Thoughts on Community

I live in a community.  Literally, as in I share a kitchen and two bathrooms with six other people.  Seven people, sharing space, food, and a shower that you have to light with a match.  (That’s what “gas heated water” means in Guatemala).  Community has meant lots of different things to me over … Read More

Singleness and the Enneagram

I really hate it when people tell me I need to work on myself before pursuing a relationship with someone else. Seriously, it’s probably one of my top ten pet peeves, next to guys who ask me out on Twitter. It always comes off as slightly condescending when another person assumes that because I’m … Read More

There is a Season

Right before my 25th birthday, I got a retail job.  A few months earlier I sat down at a table across from my principal and heard the dreaded words “We just don’t think you’re a good fit for us.”  I also had two part-time teaching jobs, but they barely paid enough to cover my gas to get there.  So, … Read More

When Everything Goes Wrong

"What are you afraid of?" he said. "Don't you trust that God has a plan?" I had this conversation with a pastor in the beginning of my junior year of college.  I had spent the summer selling over-priced vegetable plants for minimum wage while my many of my friends had landed great internships, gone … Read More