A Life Update and a Story

I haven’t really been writing lately.  I’m just now trying to catch up on some writing projects, now that I finally have a couple of days when I’m not running around like a crazy person trying to catch up on life.  I tried to write a blog post last week, which came out sounding a lot like: Just … Read More

When the Days are Coming to an End

As I’m writing this, I have three and a half weeks left before get on a plane and leave Guatemala.  In my head, I’m thinking about home.  I’m thinking about my Chicago to-do list, the appointments I have to make and the friends I need to hang out with, and the jobs I need to apply for.  I’m … Read More

Elizabethtown: In Defense of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl

It’s no secret that I love the movie Elizabethtown. I loved it the first time I saw it in theaters, and then the first time I saw it on DVD the day it came out.  Now it’s probably one of my most-watched movies of all time.  I have learned, however, that not everyone shares my opinion, including … Read More


I think everyone has an Uncle Leroy. We all have that person in our family who is notoriously irresponsible.  Families talk about Uncle Leroy behind closed doors, telling their children stories about what not to do.  My dad talks about the wise career guidance he received from his parents, which … Read More

When We Love the Wrong People

This is one of my favorite things I've written, because sometimes, it feels really good to be honest.  I think you should read it, too.   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I could change someone else’s feelings for me. I’ve spent hours praying for him to change his mind, … Read More

Thoughts on Donald Miller, Dating, and Guatemala.

I took myself out for dinner last night to the type of place I wouldn't normally go alone, but I wanted to try anyway.  So I sat at a table by myself, ate Ratatouille and Creme Brûlée, and finished reading Scary Close by Donald Miller. Maybe it's because of the reading material, or the act of … Read More

What I’ve Learned Traveling Alone

This is coming from a girl who sometimes gets depressed staying in a hotel by myself when I’m traveling for an out-of-town wedding. For me, moving to another country was always on my after marriage list. But somehow, at the age of 25, I found myself getting on a plane, trying to overcome the … Read More

To Leave

This is the first two chapters from my e-book, Infinitives: Essays from Guatemala.  You can download the entire collection for free on Noisetrade.com.   1.  To Begin but the sweetest thing i’ve ever heard is that i don’t have to have the answers, just a little light to call my … Read More

Finding Joy in Right Now

My senior year of high school, I started a countdown on my wall. I tired of high school—tired of my friends, tired of my mediocre public school, tired of my $6/hour job scooping ice cream, tired of my life in the town where I had lived for the past seventeen and a half years. I dreamed about what … Read More

The Great Experiment

A couple months ago, I watched a documentary about the Tiny House movement. It featured several people who are simplifying their lives by building tiny houses.  In addition the many advantages of living in a tiny house, such as designing your own space and avoiding a costly mortgage, one tiny … Read More